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Everything I do is guided by my personal mission statement, to help companies and students grow and succeed.

Headshot of CEO and Founder of Adæpt Advising, Marty Parker

Marty Parker

Founder & CEO

UGA Senior Lecturer, Strategy Expert, Fractional COO, CSO or CMO, Consultant, Executive Coach

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A Pleasure To Meet You!

Hey there, I'm Marty – but I'm not afraid to be Frank! In my journey as an interim C-suite executive, I've always believed in honest partnerships. Recognizing my strengths and limitations led me to assemble a remarkable team of professionals through our Adæpt Affiliates referral network. Together, we propel companies forward with strategic agility and personalized solutions.


When I'm not busy charting business success, you'll find me at the helm of Executive Coaching at UGA. Let's connect and explore how we can amplify your journey together!

Our Story

Welcome to Adæpt Advising, where dynamic leadership, adaptability, and a commitment to fostering resilient potential redefine success. Founded by Marty Parker, a seasoned C-suite executive, Adæpt Advising navigates supply chain, manufacturing, and service operations with astute attention. Our approach integrates personal expertise and the vast resources of the Adæpt Affiliates referral network, ensuring a tailored strategy. As we translate complex circumstances into actionable steps, our commitment to agility and collaboration ensures meticulously crafted results. Join us in rewriting the narrative of success.


This is more than consulting; it's Adæpt Advising.

Our Clients Say

Headshot of CEO and Founder of HireGround, Cloe Guidry-Reed
Marty Parker has been an invaluable asset to Hire Ground as a fractional CSO, bringing a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking mindset. His strategic acumen and leadership have been key in steering our organization through complex market landscapes. Marty's approach to strategic planning and execution is innovative and collaborative, significantly enhancing our operational efficiency and market positioning. Marty's contributions have benefited our organization and he is undoubtedly a tremendous asset to any organization he collaborates with.

Cloe Guidry-Reed, Founder & CEO of Hire Ground

Advisory Board

Meet the Adæpt Advisory Board – a vital force shaping our strategic vision. Comprising industry luminaries, this council ensures our services are innovative and precisely aligned with the dynamic needs of our clients, embodying our commitment to excellence.

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