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Beyond Consulting

Marty Parker is on stage with colleagues from the University of Georgia Supply Chain Advisory Board

Where Growth is a Collaborative Journey

In a rapidly evolving landscape where businesses need to maximize direction within limited resources, Marty pioneers a new era of consultation. With a reputation as a trusted C-suite executive, Marty offers free consultations, from which you're almost guaranteed to walk away with a newly illuminated path to success.


That's because we go beyond traditional services to utilize an esteemed, vetted, and proven network of partners and affiliates across a variety of disciplines to fit your unique needs albeit complimentary to our work together, or to point you in a more fitting direction for the best path forward. Adæpt Advising is more than standard business advisory; it’s your catalyst for strategic growth and meaningful connections in a dynamic business environment. Let’s embark on a journey where your success is not just envisioned; it's meticulously crafted.

Our Process

Graphic of two people conversing during free consultation

1. Consultation

Our commitment to understanding your needs starts with a brief form, providing a snapshot of your background, and registering your interest. Following this, we'll extend a warm welcome for a complimentary consultation to delve deeper into the intricacies of your business, its distinct position, and potential. This step is not just quick, painless, and insightful; it's a friendly invitation to explore the possibilities together.

Adæpt Advising Partners

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Marty Parker has been an invaluable asset to Hire Ground as a fractional CSO, bringing a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking mindset. His strategic acumen and leadership have been key in steering our organization through complex market landscapes.

Founder & CEO of Hire Ground

Cloe Guidry-Reed

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