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Strategic Planning

Discover an alternative consulting experience at Adæpt Advising, where we've redefined the traditional consulting model to ensure a comprehensive, caring, and streamlined approach without compromising authoritative depth in any arena.


Our relationship starts with a free consultation, guiding you through strategic planning and personalized recommendations. This roadmap to success spans in-house specialties, avenues for skill refinement through outside activations, and access to a lifetime's worth of expert connections in other industries. Once applied, strategic leadership and results take on new life.

Continue your scroll through this page for more on our approach, offerings, and an introduction to our partners!

Our Specialties


Business Advising

With a wealth of experience across supply chain, manufacturing, and service operations, our team excels in offering strategic insights and solutions tailored to your unique business challenges. From optimizing processes to navigating complex organizational changes, our Business Advising goes beyond conventional consulting. We're here to ensure that every decision and action propels your business toward sustained success in today's dynamic and competitive landscape.

Interim C-Suite Leadership

Our Interim C-Suite Executive services offer a flexible and more affordable solution to bridge those gaps with experienced and accomplished leaders. Whether it's during periods of transition, rapid growth, or strategic realignment, our seasoned executives step into your organization with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We bring not only leadership but a strategic vision that aligns with your business objectives, ensuring continuity and success in every phase.

Supply Chain


Service Operations


Leadership Training

At Adæpt Advising, we extend our commitment to leadership development beyond our consultancy. Marty Parker, our founder, actively contributes to the University of Georgia's Executive Education, offering unparalleled leadership and executive training services. Explore the enriching programs directly through UGA to harness Marty's expertise and elevate your leadership journey. For inquiries or to delve into these transformative opportunities, connect with us or explore the UGA pages for more details.

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Adæpt Affiliates

Should our consultation assessment identify factors beyond in-house capabilities or capacity, the Adæpt Affiliates program leverages a lifetime of professional relationship-building and networking to put the right contacts for results in your corner.

Our exceptional partners are vetted through a careful selection and qualification process, many having been intentionally sought out after personal collaboration experience. While more exclusive than expansive, the affiliate network includes an array of vital disciplines.

  • When used in tangent with native Adæpt services, this enables our work to take hold— providing trustworthy reinforcement where we've identified needs and creating a well-oiled machine. After all, holistic success relies on the health of every interconnected, dynamic, and sequential aspect of your business. If our utility fails to extend past affiliate introductions, we take pride in pointing you in the right direction without it costing an extra invoice.

  • True to our promise of honesty, we're transparent about earning commission on landed Adæpt Affiliate referral contracts as agreed by our affiliates. This structure grants us the ability to continue giving astute attention to the meticulous vetting, matchmaking, and strategy-building process, keeping our consultations and initial assessments free even if it results in passing business off elsewhere. Thus, contractually upholding commitments to quality between partners, and forging a sustainable, symbiotic professional ecosystem benefitting all parties.

  • Translation? Eliminate sourcing pains, save time and resources, and get peace of mind that your company's livelihood is in good hands.

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